July 4th…Let’s Celebrate NOT being Independent!

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, I have to say that being a Wedding and Events Director, I’m not a big fan of the word independence.  I’ve been happily married for 13 years and think back to the food at my wedding with such joy.  Also, the owners of Chef’s Catering just […]

Weddings! Making a Memory of Love, Family and Food!

Every day you have the power to make a special memory.  This has been one thing I’ve been thinking about lately.  In the wedding business, I see many brides where there is a tension just below the surface because along with planning their dream wedding, every decision seems to be a life decision.  Where will […]

How To Inquire About Catering Prices For Your Wedding

I have said it before and I will say it again.  A wedding is a big deal with a lot of emotion tied into it. It can overwhelming to plan.  After all, it’s not every day that one plans a wedding for 100 to 300 of your closest friends. As Director of Weddings and Events at […]

Wedding Venues and Caterers…Pt. 2

Your wedding caterer will probably take up the largest part of your budget. Delicious food and drinks are a significant element of the wedding! Make sure that you love your caterer’s food options, price, and personality before making a final decision. Ask these questions before hiring so you know exactly what you’re getting! The Basics Will you be […]

Wedding Venues & Caterers…So Many Questions!

1. Ask all of your questions. Trust me: your venue has had unique events before, or at least unique questions. Yes, the coordinator may look at you like you’re a little off(beat). But do you really care as long as you have your questions answered? If you want to have fire dancers perform at your […]

Testimonial for Chef’s Catering from Comfort Suites

Thanks for doing a great job!“The CCWCS people you catered a couple of weeks ago were talking about coming back and your service was a big factor. Thanks for doing a great job!” Comfort Suites Charlotte Airport

Testimonial for Chef’s Catering from Cheryl Price

Two words: SIMPLY AMAZING!!!“Two words: SIMPLY AMAZING!!!Our team was very impressed with your professionalism and exceeded my expectations.  The server was extremely professional.A million thanks!”Cheryl Price

Testimonial for Chef’s Catering from Sungard

nothing but compliments (quite a few!)“A big “Thank you!!” to everyone at Chef’s Catering for coming through for us on such short notice. I was afraid the pasta bar would be “boring” – but I’ve heard nothing but compliments (quite a few!) on it.I bent my diet and had a plate.  Mmmmmm…..Thanks again!”Sungard

Testimonial for Chef’s Catering from Rachel

Everything was perfect.“Lunch was fabulous.  Feedback from the team was the most positive I have ever received.Everything was perfect.George was by far the best delivery person I have worked with from Chef’s Catering.  He took a lot of care to make sure lunch was set up perfectly.  Can I request him for the next event?Thanks […]

Testimonial for Chef’s Catering from Campus Crest Group

Everything was FABULOUS!!!“Everything was FABULOUS!!!I cannot thank you enough.The staff were all so very nice, professional, and helpful and the food was incredible!!We will definitely be using you all again in the future. Thank, thank you!!!!”Campus Crest Group