Chef’s Catering Gets A Great Review From Whitehead Manor!

From: Ashton Ward | Social Events Director, NACE CLT Member Whitehead Manor “Your staff was exceptional in my opinion. Willing to do ANYTHING and so accommodating to the clients and us at Whitehead. I was extremely impressed with your bar-tending staff as they did a great job of monitoring and controlling alcohol intake to maintain […]

When Is a Bargain NOT a Bargain – Know What You Are Getting

On Sale Today!  Buy Now! Daily Specials! Bargains, Bargains, Bargains! These are all phrases that catch our attention.  There are things we buy because we need them and there are things we have bought because they were on sale!  There are times we shop just to improve our mood.  But let me ask you this.  When […]

The Food was Magnificent & the Servers Were Kind

Chef’s Catering loves to hear from our Coordinators.  Here’s a Keeper! “Your catering crew was amazing the day of Rebecca’s wedding and the food was magnificent! She was happy and the guests were pleased. I don’t know if Ryan was the one in charge, but he took the lead and did an awesome job at […]

Mother’s Day…Give Mom Food, Glorious Food!

It’s Mother’s Day 2016! In this era of Instagram , Pinterest and every other social media outlets, there are droves of people snapping shots of their food prior to digging in.  Even if we are not the ones going to the restaurants, how many of us have spent an hour on Pinterest, perusing the photos of […]

Small Dinner Party, Big Style

It’s exciting to me when I get a last minute call asking me to whip a menu together because the husband is having clients over. It’s even more fun to bring a “wow” factor without looking like we’re trying to bring the “wow” factor. Entertaining should be exactly that, ENTERTAINING!  The menu planning should be […]

Super Tuesday and The Politics of Food

On this Super Tuesday, Chef’s Catering is campaigning for your vote to represent your company as you impress your prospects, encourage your employees, nourish the minds that fuel your business! Chef’s Catering has the reputation for giving you more!  More Flavor, More Style, More Value. A “Delegate” is defined as a person sent or authorized to represent […]

Bridal Shows and Love that Grows!

Chef’s Catering was honored to be invited to Belk’s Bridal Registry Spotlight.  All registered brides were invited and we set up in their bridal department where everyone was so amazed by our display.  I, myself, had a really fun day and was feeling really proud of our food.  Chef’s Catering is a family business that […]

Kind Words From Our Clients

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Blaise Pascal  Each week we receive sweet emails.  I chose these three to pass on to the public because they talk about timeliness, taste and professionalism in service.  We love serving our clients and helping them make the best impression on their own clients. “This […]

Super Bowl and Super Food

The purpose of having a blog is to share ideas!  They are an excellent tool in today’s world because they are entertaining and informative.  They are current and creative.  People love to cyber-surf each new wave and trend.  It doesn’t matter if it is “Do-It-Yourself” or “What Can We Do For You?”. Super Bowl 50 is obviously […]

Are You Having a Super Bowl Party? Let’s “Wing” it!

Super Bowl 50 Party We at Chef’s Catering know that the whole state of North Carolina is excited to be in Super Bowl 50! Click on the Super Bowl 50 Party link above and discover an instant party.  Hearty enough for the men, healthy enough for the women and spicy enough to bring the heat […]