Love is in the Air…And in the Food!

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart. Wolfgang Puck Food and relationships follow similar paths. There is an introduction to something or someone new which turns into an […]

My Compliments to The Chef…and to Chef’s Catering

It has been a fun few weeks at Chef’s Catering for me.  When you begin any venture, you have the type of enthusiasm that is driven by hopes of success.  When beginning a new career you have the vision that the world is your oyster…on the half-shell in my case.  Each day I meet brides […]

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You Are The Butter To My Bread

“You are the butter to my bread, you are the breath to my life.” This is a quote from the movie Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci.  It was said by the character who played Paul Child, Julia Child’s husband.  As much as this movie is about food, passion and determination, it […]

Filled with Vision, Filled with Flavor, Fueled by Your Love for Each Other!

Most of our lives are filled with the day in and day out routine of a set schedule.  Then, amazingly, love happens and there is a date set for the biggest celebration you’ve ever been responsible for planning.  I get calls from brides all the time and sometimes their mother and every so often, a […]

Save The Date!

“Save The Date” is one of those phrases that can definitely grab your attention.  In today’s world of marketing catch phrases and ploys to get you to open that email or read that blog or go to that sale, “Save The Date” never fails to make me stop and give a look. When planning your […]

A Little Something Special

There is always something trending when it comes to weddings!  I think the word “trending” is trending.  With that being said, here are some of the food trends that are currently circling around the world of weddings! Couples are becoming really creative when it comes to planning their weddings.  Traditional is no longer traditional.  The […]

About Last Night…The Rehearsal Dinner

As the days tick by in preparation for your wedding,  the rehearsal dinner is an event to truly honor those you love the most.  This is a time for those closest to you, the wedding party, your parents and siblings to gather and be together.  The wedding day will be filled with all the spectators […]

July 4th…Let’s Celebrate NOT being Independent!

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, I have to say that being a Wedding and Events Director, I’m not a big fan of the word independence.  I’ve been happily married for 13 years and think back to the food at my wedding with such joy.  Also, the owners of Chef’s Catering just […]

Weddings! Making a Memory of Love, Family and Food!

Every day you have the power to make a special memory.  This has been one thing I’ve been thinking about lately.  In the wedding business, I see many brides where there is a tension just below the surface because along with planning their dream wedding, every decision seems to be a life decision.  Where will […]

How To Inquire About Catering Prices For Your Wedding

I have said it before and I will say it again.  A wedding is a big deal with a lot of emotion tied into it. It can overwhelming to plan.  After all, it’s not every day that one plans a wedding for 100 to 300 of your closest friends. As Director of Weddings and Events at […]