Breakfast and Brunch

Coffee Service and Assorted Juices are included in all Breakfast Packages

All prices on packages are per person and based on
a minimum of 15 people per order.
Please add 2.50 per person for smaller groups.


The Sunrise

Breakfast pastries, assorted bagels, cream cheese, preserves, breakfast cakes, muffins, croissants and condiments.

Add fresh fruit or a fruit tray for 3.00

The Carolina

Biscuits, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, potatoes O'Brien and fresh fruit,.


Add grits 1.95 / Add gravy 1.95
Add shrimp and grits 6.95 /Add crab cakes 5.00

Basket of Goodies

Petite hot and cold breakfast bites (cinnamon rolls, muffins, danishes, sausage biscuits and mini quiches) served with a fresh fruit tray.


Omelet Station

Chef service required.
Eggs, diced tomatoes, mixed peppers, ham, sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, chives, Monterey jack and cheddar blend served with potatoes O’Brien, fresh fruit and biscuits.


Breakfast Burritos

Tortillas filled with eggs, cheese, sausage or ham served with sour cream and salsa, potatoes o’brien and fresh fruit.


Belgium Waffle Bar

Berries and fruits, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream and syrups.


Yogurt Bar

Assorted berries, granola, cinnamon sugar and Greek vanilla yogurt.

All prices on packages are per person and based on a
minimum of 15 people per order, unless otherwise noted.
Please add 2.50 per person for smaller groups.
Upgrades to china and silverware are available.
A Delivery and Pick up fee (if applicable) will apply.
Inquire about disposable Packages
(no pick up necessary)

A la Carte Breakfast Sides & Add-ons

Tray of mini cinnamon buns, danishes & muffins (25 pieces) 37.95
Fruit salad 3.00
Whole fruit 1.50
Yogurt 2.25
Yogurt berry granola parfait 3.95
Granola bars 1.50
Kind bars 2.50
Danish pastries or muffins 2.45
Bagels, cream cheese, butter & jelly 1.95
Croissants or biscuits, butter & jelly 1.95
Assorted bottled juices (10 oz.) 1.95
Coffee service 1.50

Gluten free toast & butter 1.50
Pancakes with syrup 3.95
Assorted filled croissants (eggs, cheese & meat) 4.25
Assorted filled biscuits (eggs, cheese & meat) 3.25
Potatoes O'Brien 2.95
Grits or gravy 1.95
Turkey bacon 2.95
Crab cakes 5.00
Southwestern quiche 4.95
Bacon, ham, sausage, eggs or egg whites 2.95
Oatmeal 1.95
Hard boiled eggs 1.50

Minimum of 15 per unit on hot items
Minimum of $150.00 per delivery please

Lucky Breaks

Prices are per person and based on a 20-person
minimum per order.
All breaks include a beverage.
(Tea, soda or bottled water)

Basket of Mixed Snacks

Assortment of energy bars, granola bars, chips and dip, packs of crackers and candy.


Boardroom Picnic

Fresh fruit with imported cheese, hummus, flatbread and crackers.


Sweet Tooth

Gourmet cookies and brownies.


Sundance Siesta

Crisp vegetables, fruit, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips and salsa.


Prices are per person and based on a 20-person minimum.
All breaks include a beverage.
(Tea, lemonade, soda or bottled water)

Refreshing Beverages

Assorted soft drinks and waters 1.75
Assorted juices 10 oz 2.25

Homemade lemonade (by the gallon) 9.95
Blackberry lemonade (by the gallon) 11.95
Mango flavored tea (by the gallon) 10.95
Freshly brewed tea (by the gallon) 9.95
Freshly brewed green tea (by the gallon) 10.95
Coffee service (20 person min.) 1.50
Hot tea service (20 person min.) 1.50
Champagne punch (by the gallon) 17.95
Fruit punch (by the gallon) 12.95
Orange juice (by the gallon) 12.50
Apple cider (by the gallon) 18.50
Ice service (per bag) 2.75

Breakfast Catering for Business Meetings

Breakfast or Brunch Meeting Catering in Charlotte, NC

So… your company is hosting a breakfast or brunch meeting and you need the best food at affordable prices. Whether your corporate meeting is in the University area, downtown (or “uptown” if you prefer) Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews or Ballantyne, Chef’s Catering can cater the best in breakfast, brunch or snacks.

Imagine the ease of having the best breakfast or brunch buffet in North Carolina catered in your own conference room, with a full service wait staff, a variety of menu choices from light and healthy to full brunch with something for everyone.

Breakfast or Brunch? Why Choose?!

The most impressive and time efficient method of handling breakfast catering for your company meeting is to order a light “Continental” breakfast (fruit, bagels, muffins, etc.) and then have Chef’s Catering cater you a full brunch or lunch to keep your meeting productive.

Ahhh… Breakfast! What a way to start a day!

The food you want, when you want it! Our breakfast menu has everything one needs to plan an excellent morning meeting or even a buffet Brunch. Some people want a “Continental” type breakfast, others are looking for a breakfast rich in protein, first thing in the morning. We have wide selection on our menu, enough to suit everyone. Look through our menu and we’ll warm the coffee for you!

Brunch: The Other Breakfast

You want to jump start your meeting as quickly as possible, so start off your corporate get-together with simple Danish/cookies and coffee. A few hours in, productivity will start to lag. You need to have brunch catered with the best food that will not only make the best impression on their palates, but on your meeting budget. A mid-morning brunch break will re-energize your meeting attendees and provide the energy they need to be even more productive before a late lunch.

Chef’s Catering, Charlotte, NC’s Breakfast Catering

Why should you use Chef’s Catering to cater your corporate morning meeting? Chef’s Catering has been providing the best in business breakfasts and brunches since the mid-80s. A claim no other caterer in Charlotte (maybe in all of NC!) can lay claim to. Chef’s Catering can provide a full wait staff to serve everything from breakfast and brunch buffets to white linen plate service. For more affordable meetings, Chef’s Catering can cater breakfast, fruit plates, and snack trays. From uptown to all the outlying Charlotte-metro areas, Chef’s Catering can provide your company meeting with the best in breakfast and brunch catering.