Fruits, Cheeses & Sweets

Fruit Jubilee Tray

(3.00pp for more than 25)
Bite size pieces of seasonal fruits.
Small (8-12) 39.95 / Regular (15-25) 54.95

Fruit and Cheese Jubilee Tray

An assortment of fruits and cheeses

Small (8-12) 49.95 / Regular (15-25) 74.95

Fruit and Cheese Centerpiece

(minimum of 40 people)
An exquisite work of art with domestic and imported cheeses, nuts dried fruits and seasonal fresh fruits.


Big Island Breeze

(minimum of 150 people)
Fruit and cheese display. A leaning palm tree display, resembling a windy day on the islands, decorated from the base to the palm leaves with an assortment of exotic fruits and cheeses.


Artisan Fruit and Cheese Display

(minimum of 50 people)

Tropical fruits and exotic cheeses including herbed chevre, nuts and our handmade pyramid cheese torte, served with flat bread and table wafers.


Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

(minimum 3 dozen)
Assorted fruits and cheeses on a decorative frill pick.

18.50 a dozen

Dessert Tray

(minimum of 15 people)
Assortment of signature dessert bites including flavored cheesecakes, carrot cake, lemon bars and gourmet brownies.

Small (15) 38.25/ Med.(15-20) 63.75/ Large 89.25

The Assorted Pie Tradition

(minimum 10 pieces)
Selection from our portfolio of pies: peanut butter silk, pecan, key lime, pumpkin, cajun midnight chocolate and coconut rum among others.

5.25 per slice

An Assortment of the finest Cakes

Selection from our portfolio of cakes; vanilla caramel salted crunch, lemon charlotte royal, tiramisu, colossal cheesecake, berry tart and black forest cake among others.

6.95 per slice

Display of Mini Pastries

Carrot, german chocolate, raspberry swirl, hazelnut and cappuccino.

50 pieces 145.50

Assorted Macaroons

Pistachio, coconut, raspberry, cappuccino and hazelnut

50 pieces 145.50

Assorted Gourmet Cookies

Rich freshly baked gourmet cookies chocolate chip, heath bar, chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, sugar cookie and peanut butter.

26.95 per dozen

Assorted Gourmet Brownie Tray

A chocolate lover’s dream including: deep dutch, tiger triple, chocolate chunk, coconut laced chocolate, white and dark chocolate swirled brownie.

26.95 per dozen

Cake Pops

White cake enrobed in white chocolate coating covered with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate cake in dark chocolate coating covered with chocolate sprinkles.

50 pieces 125.00

Self Serve Smores Station (minimum of 50 people)

Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, dulce de leche, bananas, strawberries and peanut butter cups.


Chocolate Mousse Shooters (minimum of 20 people)

Creamy chocolate mousse with a cookie spoon.
3.95 each