My Compliments to The Chef…and to Chef’s Catering


It has been a fun few weeks at Chef’s Catering for me.  When you begin any venture, you have the type of enthusiasm that is driven by hopes of success.  When beginning a new career you have the vision that the world is your oyster…on the half-shell in my case.  Each day I meet brides or receive the excited email saying they are getting married and are comparing caterers.  I get excited with these brides because what I know is that our Chef is a master of flavors.  I’ve believed in our food from day one but now, as the wedding season is starting to really pick up speed, I am thrilled with the emails and phone calls I’m receiving after the weddings from the Planners.

“Everything went really well on Saturday.  Your team was excellent and very easy to work with.  Amanda and Nick were very pleased with the food and service.  I heard only positive things from them.  The food was phenomenal!  All the guests loved it!”

I also received a phone call from another planner and she told me that our servers were amazing.  They were polite and humble and even when faced with another difficult vendor they responded with the utmost of professionalism.  The planner herself said her mouth was watering from the food and she was so excited to get a plate at the end of the reception and that the Blackberry Lemonade was amazing!


It’s so reassuring to me that when I tell a bride that our food is the best and that choosing Chef’s Catering will make their day easier, I am 100% telling the truth.  I don’t ever feel like I’m “selling” our service.  I feel as though I really am helping the family plan an amazingly special day.

Are you getting married?  I really want to help you too!  Call or email me today at Chef’s Catering.  As the Director of Weddings and Events at Chef’s Catering, it is my goal to guide couples planning their day with warmth, creativity and patience.  There should be no stress when creating your memories.  Love on a plate.  This is my goal.