How to Use Our Online Ordering System

  1. If your order falls below the minimum listed , please call in your order (704-321-2121). There is an up charge of $2.50 per person for lower amounts and we will try to accommodate you.
  2. Select a Catering Style.
  3. Select (click on) your items (use the Menu Drop down to jump to the section you want if you don’t care to scroll). Or just click the “+Add” button to quickly add that quantity to your cart.
  4. Choose a quantity.
  5. Click Add to Cart.
  6. When done, click the cart button in the upper left to Check Out.
  7. Choose Pick-Up or Delivery.
    1. If Pick-Up, select a date and time. (For orders needed within 24 hours, please call 704-321-2121 to talk to one of our catering consultants.)
    2. If Delivery, select and address from your saved addresses or enter a new one.
    3. Select a date and time for delivery.
    4. Click the red Order button.

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